Friday, July 27, 2007

SCTP changes for 07-08 Season

Last year AZ Game and Fish Department sponsored the SCTP program for all athletes ages 9-19. They trained coaches, supplied 700 rounds of ammo, 700 targets for each athlete, provided automatic clay target throwers and furnished clubs with automatic 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. The only cost for the athletes was a $25 registration fee.

This year it is going to be different. Information is beginning to come in from AZ Game and Fish Dept. for the 07-08 program. They are changing the way the program is funded this year. In the past they provided shells and targets equally for all participants. However this year they are going to an all grant funding system. It is my understanding that they are still providing the guns and throwers for our club but not paying for the targets or supplying ammo. They are focused on first and second year participants. The club will receive full funding for first year athletes and only half the funding for second year athletes, while the athletes that have been in the program longer than that won't receive any additional funding. They are only providing enough funding for about 10 athletes that were in the program over 2 years. If you are interested in the SCTP program for the 07-08 season please contact me soon as possible so we can apply for the grants and try to get additional funding for the third year and older participants. I can be reached by e-mail at or phone 520 251 2024.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or thoughts on the above please contact me. I figure it will cost about $196 per athlete if they shoot all 700 targets.(28 boxes of shells@ $4.50/box and 700 targets @$0.10/target)

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