Monday, June 23, 2008

State Bunker Trap

Austin Bradford, Taran Homol and Steven Shedd teamed up for the State Bunker Trap Championship. This is the first time a team from CATS participated in this event. For those that don't know what bunker trap is I will try to explain. It is similar to regular trap in that you do not know what direction the targets will be thrown. The targets vary in angle and in height. It will throw targets that barely get off the ground all the to targets that seem to vanish into the great blue sky and everything in between. They are a lot faster than regular trap but you are allowed to take two shots at the same target. It is the closest thing to Olympic Trap that they offer in Arizona. The shoot was also a qualifier for the Olympic Tryouts. The team from CATS placed third in the Scholastic Clay Target Program for Bunker Trap. Way to go team. Steven received the third place plaque for the Intermediate Division and Taran was the High Over All Female in the competition. Wow that is not bad for the first time.

Steven shooting with his squad.

Please note that the team did not shoot together as a squad. The names were drawn randomly and squadded accordingly. I don't know why they did this but that is how it was. So they did not know how the others were shooting until the end.

Austin Shooting

Taran Shooting

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